Tommy Walker


Are you both intrigued and repelled by serial killers? You are not alone. Doc Bonn knows why.

I would not be here replying if I had taken you at your word that being intrigued and repelled were prerequisite to admission into a discussion of the public’s fascination with serial killers. Intrigue is there, but it’s not all that intense– I mostly just am hungry to read about people I can deeply relate to, for the lack of such connections in everyday life. I don’t much like the idea of getting tortured or murdered, but I’ve enjoyed a long run of the world being nice to me and those around me, such that murder and its accompaniments feel like an abstraction that can safely be viewed from a bird’s eye vantage. Though come to think of it, that’s the very perspective that once got me into trouble.

Be that as it may, I do know a thing or two about attraction/revulsion from a slightly different angle. Please forgive my laziness, excerpting my book instead of trying to think it out fresh:

It is no mere coincidence that attraction/revulsion is exactly the effect which God or Truth has on His seekers. Pagan sun worship is possibly the best example, since the seeker’s course essentially is a movement toward the sun. At a distance the sun warms you. I flew down to Florida where it was nice and warm, still many million miles distant, and so attraction at that stage was supreme. But as you draw closer, the sense of revulsion takes over. The Truth will burn you up, turn your delusions to cinders, and you’ll want to get away. The draw toward losing yourself in that fireball remains, but revulsion is there too; the fear of death. For countless millions throughout the history of the world, attraction has led them to the door but revulsion turns them away, and they never quite achieve.

I think you guys’ trip about serial killers is a kind of pursuit of Enlightenment, to achieve an understanding of the nth degree…that is all but hopeless because you’re desperately blocked against accepting the answers once you receive them. This isn’t rocket science– you screwed us over bad and we are coming back to get you! Why must we continuously go around in circles on this simple point?

As science, the study of serial murder is about the worst around. The experiments are botched from the outset because the fellow holding the beakers already has predetermined that fully half of his possible conclusions simply are not allowed. He can never score one for the bad guys. No allowance is made for a Door Number Three outside of evil and crazy. ‘Tastes Great!’ ‘Less Filling!’ ‘Tastes Great AND Less Filling!’…when they really just like getting drunk.


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