Tommy Walker

Reborn Again

Just now purged this blog of all sections from my book, chapters 34 to the end, with the exception of my book’s final line, which I inputted first.  That, I’m keeping around because it remains the only post out of a one-time 164 that has generated a comment so far.  Easier to delete the old than to submit chapters 33 down to 1, and one way or the other I would like to have completeness, whether empty or full.  Not to worry if you’re inclined to read some excerpts; you can still Search Inside This Book

Curiously, this blog’s next-to-nonexistent traffic has increased during its time as a ghost town, or maybe that’s the way or the world. That when all the cells devoted to lugging people around die out and the parasites take over, that smaller population of cells devoted to parasites will actually increase during the more advanced stages of decay. Still, I like to imagine that a little buzz has finally taken hold in spite of my recent apathy, and that the tell-two-friends principle may yet transform my ‘cult classic’ into a book that is actually read, even though loners are going to appreciate it more than any other class, and we loners don’t have any friends.

One thing pulling me back is that I recently made two sales in three weeks after more than a year of nothing, a logical implication being that one person stumbled and bought it, then thought so highly of it that they persuasively recommended it to another. A third recent reader is an acquaintance of my wife who so far loves my cover (my vision, if not my crayon) and is very intrigued.


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