Tommy Walker

My Literary Next-of-Kin

(Added to on October 9th, 2013, as result of revisiting old BookCrossing reviews)

Writers and protagonists I’ve been compared with:

JACK KEROUAC– I blew a reader away with the most re-readable paragraph she’d come across in fifteen years since reading Kerouac’s “the only ones for me are the mad ones” in “On The Road”. See ‘Monstrous Quotables’. Kerouac is the only person besides myself that I’m aware of who had imaginary baseball leagues as a kid.

CHARLES BUKOWSKI– In terms of the vividness of my writing, according to the reader who called my book “the biggest mindfuck” he’d ever read, and who mailed a copy of Bukowski’s “Post Office” to me as a show of appreciation.

HUNTER S. THOMPSON– Referring to the section of the bookstore where a reader thought my ‘potential classic in its genre’ (paraphrase) belonged. This same reader is responsible for the inclusion of my next two comps.

BRET EASTON ELLIS– author of “American Psycho”, in terms of writing style.

MARK MANNING– author of “Bad Wisdom”, “Get Your Cock Out” and “Fucked by Rock”, in terms of appearing to be a kindred soul.

IMMANUEL KANT– Not meant as a compliment. About the density of a message board post.


HOLDEN CAULFIELD– Fictional protagonist of “Catcher in the Rye”. A description of my book as “Holden Caulfield meets Ted Bundy”, coined by my wife, was thought perfect by an aforementioned reader I’ve corresponded with online.

CHRISTOPHER JOHNSON McCANDLESS– Nonfictional protagonist of “Into the Wild”. A reader was reminded of McCandless while in the section of ‘Monstrous’ where I’m trekking across the country, and just today I bought the book to see for myself what she meant.


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